China International Machine Tool & Tools Exhibitions

CIMES- China’s longest standing and largest international machine tool exhibition held in every even year in Beijing, will once again play an important role for the development and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry from 2012 onward.

The 11th edition of CIMES boasts 120,000 sqm exhibition size and expects 1,300 exhibitors from 28 international regions and countries as well as 55,000 trade visitors from more than 70 countries and regions during June 12-16, 2012 at NCIEC in Beijing.


Aerospace / aviation & defense
Auto & auto parts
Building & construction machinery
Consulting & contracting engineering
Die & mould
Electrical engineering / electronics gear & bearings
General machinery
Government / education
IT & telecommunications
Medical equipment
Metal components & parts
Metal testing & inspection
Mining / mineral processing
New energy
Petroleum & petrochemical
Rail transit
Sheet metal working
Shipbuilding & marine engineering


Machine Tool, Tools and Accessories
Metal cutting machinery
Metal forming machinery
Sheet metal and plate processing machinery
Special purpose machine tool
Special purpose machinery
Cutting tool, fixture, accessories, parts and components, electrical tools, hydraulic tools, pneumatic devices, abrasives, precision measuring technology and devices
Heat Treatment and Other Technology
Foundry technology and equipment
Forging technology and equipment
Heat treatment technology and equipment
Welding and cutting-off technology and equipment
Other manufacturing technology for the making of auto parts
Automation and Motion
Flexible manufacturing technology and equipment
Numerical control systems, embedded systems and servo systems
Industrial robots
Frequency conversion and timing, sensors and motors
Programmable logic controller and related technology
Electronic drives and control systems
Mechanical, hydraulic and pneumonic driven devices
Other Manufacturing Technology and Equipment
Bearing manufacturing technology and equipment
Gear generating technology and equipment
Mould processing technology and equipment

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