GCSE-Food & Health Protection Conference - Toronto Canada

Date: 21-May-13 to 22-May-13
Location: Mississauga Convention Centre / Toronto / Canada
Category: Food & Beverages Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Conferences & Trade Fairs

- Consumer Protection - Championing Effective Solutions
- Introductory training on the GCSE-Food & Health Protection
SSQA program
- Toolbox (live) demonstrations and displays of various helpful
systems implementation and management tools


Invited participants are:
Owners and managers of operations wishing to implement SSQA programs
Corporate Product Buyers
Product Safety and Quality Management Systems Consultants
Current HACCP System Coordinators
Prospective SSQA Facilitators
Training providers
Product safety and quality management system Assessors/Auditors
Companies providing systems for:
Product Safety Performance Assessment
Product Safety Management
Allied Food Safety Management Systems (Sanitation, Preventive Maintenance, Pest Control, etc.)
Operations Management
Quality Control
Process Control
Process Tracking/Product Traceability
Process Validation and Testing
Consumer communications


The GCSE – Food and Health Protection Campaign seeks to promote practical approaches and commitment to food and health protection as well as encourage self-motivation, active engagement, accountability, collaboration and friendly scrutiny through assessments by selected international panellists and consumers.

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