Myanmar International Trade and Investment Summit 2013

On the 4th and 5th March 2013, Oliver Kinross will host The Myanmar International Trade and Investment Summit; a not-to-be-missed event for any international company looking to do business in the New Myanmar. The event will take place in Myanmar's capital Yangon.


The two-day summit will feature a multi-streamed Conference which will cover all fast-growth industry sectors in Myanmar. Attending, will be Ministers and high level executives from International businesses; ranging from every industry that will be covered at the conference; Inrastructure and Construction, Transportation, Telecommunications, Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Tourism & hotel Development, Retail & Real Estate and Banking & Finance.


Extensive networking opportunities will allow the participants to meet, interact and discuss future business plans, there will also be many opportunities to learn from the best with case studies from the business leaders in Myanmar.
All attendees will gain an insight into the main Infrastructure and Construction projects taking place in Myanmar and they will be benefiting from a practise guide to tendering contracts. The event will present an insight into the booming hotel and tourism opportunities as well as learning of the Mining, Natural Resources and Oil and Gas in the country.

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