Drafting Social Media Policies: It’s Easier Than You Think – The Canadian Institute Webshop A

Date: 26-Feb-13 to 26-Feb-13
Location: The Canadian Institute / Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Category: Legal Services Conferences & Trade Fairs

Know how you get to a final policy by considering the following important factors:

• The impact of social media on the productivity of the organization, including both positive and negative aspects of utilizing social media in the workplace;
• The off-duty conduct of employees utilizing social media and the impact it has on the organization from a legal perspective;
• The privacy expectations as it relates not only to employee use, but also privacy responsibility to stakeholders of the organization;
• The use of social media as a method of background checking for new employees and the effect it has on effective recruitment and selection; and
• The relevant jurisdictional legislation to be considered.

Key Takeaway: A precedent and best practices for benchmarking your social media policies and guidelines for the workplace.

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