Brand Optimization Conference

Brand Optimization
February 25- 26
The Pantages Hotel Toronto
Differentiate Your Identity and Achieve Emotional Connections amidst the Noise
Attend The Canadian Institute’s inaugural Brand Optimization conference will help you sort through the noise and find practical solutions for maximizing brand success like no other event on the market. Developed through extensive market research with branding professionals like you, we are confident that you will walk away with all of the strategies you need to empower, integrate, align and measure your brand. Customized to meet your specific needs, program highlights include:
- Innovative strategies for creating and delivering a compelling brand story
- Winning approaches for developing and communicating a successful internal branding strategy
- Proven techniques for selecting the right social media strategy for your brand
- Inventive solutions for creating a memorable brand experience through transmedia initiatives
- Effective methods for avoiding brand dilution while remaining engaged on multiple platforms
- Critical strategies for aligning the branding, marketing, communications, social and digital departments
Loaded with case studies from highly recognizable and reputable brands, engaging and thought-provoking panel discussions and practical solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the industry today, The Canadian Institute’s Brand Optimization conference is the must-attend event of the year for all brand managers and marketing professionals!
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A Must-Attend Event for:
VPs, Directors Mangers of Branding, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Digital, Social Media, New Media, Corporate Development, Customer Experience & Loyalty



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