Developing Professional Assertiveness & Confidence

Date: 23-Nov-14 to 25-Nov-14
Location: Informa Australia / Sydney / Australia
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

Build your communication skills & emotional intelligence to help increase your capacity to be an assertive & confident communicator & project an image of credibility & composure at work. Key Learning Outcomes Learn to identify and manage different types of business behaviour Benefit from an in-depth personal assertiveness assessment Discover how to enhance self confidence, self esteem, and self belief Recognise techniques for maintaining composure and credibility Develop critical skills to handle criticism, anger, negativity and confrontation How to overcome confidence breakers in the workplace Identify the differences between assertiveness, confidence, influence and power Develop the skills to make you a more confident, credible and assertive communicatorAbout the CourseYour ability to communicate your ideas, get your point across, lead your teams or simply maintain professional credibility can mean the difference between success and failure.Competition is fierce in the business world and if you can have more and better professional tools, know how and when to use them, you will enhance both your career satisfaction and prospects. That is precisely what this interactive course is designed to do.This course will provide the tools needed to improve performance in areas of: self belief; self-confidence; communicating; business language; listening; questioning; dealing with difficult people; influence; persuasion; professional presence; personal power; and more.The focus of this course is on practical outcomes rather than academic learning. It also includes self-evaluation, group discussion, practical activities, practice techniques, checklists and action plans designed to facilitate change-oriented learning, for effective and immediate integration and application in your professional life.


Isabel Deeble, Kerry Cumming

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