Chief Data Officer Canada

Date: 24-Feb-15 to 25-Feb-15
Location: Radisson Hotel Harbour Front / Toronto / Canada
Category: IT Technology Conferences & Trade Fairs

Welcome to the Chief Data Officer Leadership Forum Canada 2015

In recent years, there has been a significant rise in the appointments of Chief Data Officers (CDOs). This is a result of data becoming an increasingly important strategic asset to businesses and public authorities. It is the CDO’s duty to manage this enterprise-wide data and ensure that it is utilized to drive revenue, create new business opportunities and cut unnecessary costs. Essentially, to monetize data.

Not only is the CDO’s position within the C-Level chain of command varied per organization and at times, ambiguous, they also face the difficulty of striking the balance between IT and business; technology and strategy. Moreover, CDOs are being readily challenged by the ability to keep data management costs low, adhere to increasingly stringent regulatory demands and produce results and analysis of value to their organization, and getting their voices heard in the boardroom amid the web of C-Level executives and business politics.

As part of the Corinium Global Intelligence Chief Data Officer series, with events in London, Boston, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore, The Chief Data Officer Leadership Forum Canada 2015 in Toronto is specifically designed to address the challenges of CDOs and senior data executives in Canada. With exciting plenary sessions, and informal and interactive discussion groups packed into a one-a-half-day executive programme, the CDO Forum Canada is not to be missed.

How can you get involved in the CDO Leadership Forum Canada?

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