Cyber Security and Insider Threat 2015

Date: 18-Feb-15 to 19-Feb-15
Location: Shaw Centre (formerly Ottawa Convention Centre) / Ottawa / Canada
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

This event will help you assess the relative risks outside and inside the organization and to help you allocate resources and attention appropriately to improve your security and better enable you to prevent breaches and compromises.

This event will help you rethink your cyber security strategy to account for these developments so that you can reap the benefits of new technologies and increasing connectivity and empower your employees, while guarding yourself against malicious actors across the digital continuum.

Find out from the experts how to:
- gain a greater appreciation and understanding of the current threat environment
- develop security processes that protect against varied and sophisticated attacks
- create a consistent definition of insider threat across the organization
- identify potential insider threats before they act
- use psychological tools to help mitigate risk
- apply new and emerging technologies so you know when you have a problem
- understand the key drivers of insider threat
- develop clear and fair policies on employee privacy, surveillance and monitoring
- raise the profile of insider threat in your organization and train employees to identify it
- integrate insider threat assessment and mitigation into your overall risk management and technology strategies
- appreciate and manage the risks associated with new technologies
- set up interdepartmental teams to stay abreast with latest developments and work on enterprise wide solutions

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