Property Management Exposition & Conference

Date: 30-Nov-11 to 02-Dec-11
Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre / Toronto / Ontario / Canada
Category: Real Estate & Property Management

Property Management Exposition & Conference (PM Expo) is Canada's largest property management exposition and conference. The Show will bring together key decision-makers in the real estate and property management sectors from the largest companies in the market today.


The Show attracts some 23,000 attendees, including building owners, developers, facility managers, property managers, plant engineers, and building operations personnel responsible to the operations, renovation, retrofit, and management of all types of buildings: commercial, retail, hotel, medical, educational, industrial, multi-unit residential, and institutional.


Exhibitors include Property Developers, Property Development Consultants, Architects, Designers, Urban Planners, Major Contractors, Project Management Companies, Banks and Financial Institutions.

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