Date: 13-Jun-17 to 15-Jun-17
Location: Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) / Ho Chi Minh City / Viet Nam
Category: Paper Products Conferences & Trade Fairs

Paper Vietnam 2017 is one of the most grand and significant event in Vietnam and even Asia’s papermaking industry. In the purpose of "promoting Vietnamese papermaking equipment and technology and expand Asian and overseas market", the show has already successfully been hosted for five times since 2011.
Paper Vietnam 2017 definitely will be a professional papermaking equipment exhibition that provides the latest development trends, advanced equipments and technologies in paper making industry for domestic and international buyers. It also provides trade cooperation chances for Vietnamese paper industry and ASEAN, India, the Middle East, as well as a higher level development in papermaking industry.


• Mill Owners
• Mill Managers & Supervisor
• Investors and Promoters
• Key Govt. Officials
• Industry Associations
• Academicians
• CEO’s & Decisions Makers form allied industry
• Buyers & Sourcing Personnel
• Paper Machine clothing
• Technology Seekers
• Paper Technologist
• Paper Merchants
• Recovered / recycled paper & bres
• Consultants
• Personal of Core and Allied Industries
• R & D Professional
• Minerals & pigments
• Consulting services
• Financial Seekers
• Paper traders, distributors & wholesalers
• Handmade paper & technology
• End Product Users
• Manufacturers Suppliers of Machinery & Spare


Products: Bristol card, Carbonless paper, Coated art paper & board, Converted papers, Craft paper, Duplex board, Envelopes, Fine paper, Metalized specialty paper, Newsprint, Packaging paper , Photo paper, Recycled paper, Specialty paper, Sticker paper, Uncoated paper, Waste paper, Wrapping paper.

Equipments & Accessories: Industrial Pumps & Systems ,Boilers & Turbines, Heaters & Heating Equipment, Bearing & Accessories ,Industrial Knives, Blades & Holder, Industrial Gears, Industrial Rolls, Paper Machine clothing, Dewatering Elements, Automation & Instrumentation, Quality Control equipments, Testing Equipments, Waste Water treatment, Pollution Control Equipments, De-Inking systems.

Specialty Chemicals: Modified starch, Sizing Agent, Insolubilizer, Dry strength resin, Wet strength resin, Fluorescent whitening agent, De-foaming agent, Water-soluble polymer polymers, Functional paper chemicals, Paper process chemicals, Fillers and pigments, Coating adhesives, Adhesives and other paper chemicals.

Machinery: Complete Paper Mill Machinery, Used Paper Machinery & Equipments, Tissue Machinery, Converting Machinery, Printing Machinery.

Raw material: Waste paper, Pulp & Fibre, Minerals & Pigments, Specialty Chemicals.

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