Possibility: Find success on your own terms - London - February 7th

Date: 07-Feb-17 to 07-Feb-17
Location: Lumen URC / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This event is for people who want to find success on their own terms, build confidence and make their mark on the world.
This valuable workshop will help you think through the changes you want to make – and give you the confidence (and a plan) to turn those ideas into action.
The Possibility Retreat has been developed around the themes of Pete’s TEDx talk ‘Cheeky Letters and Dream Lists’ and his second book – ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’.

It takes courage to take control of one’s own destiny. The potential payback is huge.
The Possibility Retreat explores the foundations of confidence, purpose and direction. Get to grips with these, and difficult goals fall more easily within your reach.

'If you need space to re-focus your goals & kick you into action, this is time well worth investing.'
This seminar will give you a real boost if you:

Feel you are ready for change
Think you may be in the wrong place doing the wrong thing
Are approaching retirement or redundancy
Have recently graduated
Feel life lacks meaning & purpose
Are successful, but unfulfilled
Need a metaphorical 'kick up the backside'

This event is for a maximum of 18 people. 
Confidence, sense of purpose and clarity of direction are mercurial qualities at the best of times and ones which ebb and flow for everyone throughout their lives. They are not things that you get once and then have forever. We all need to find our own ‘brand’ of self-confidence – a solid foundation from which we can explore aspirations that may previously have seemed too far out of our comfort zone to tackle.
 ‘Really useful, well presented session – deceptively simple but gets to the heart of what motivates and holds us back.’

About the Venue and Catering
Lumen is an RIBA award winning building based in Bloomsbury, with lovely cafe and tasty food onsite.


Pete Mosley

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