Ecommerce Conference 2017: The future of mobile retail

The Ecommerce Conference 2017 boasts a variety of outstanding speakers from the world of online retail. Each one has been handpicked based on their experience and professional background to ensure that all delegates benefit from relevant, high-quality presentations.

Throughout the Ecommerce Conference 2017, you will benefit from insights into the latest developments in ecommerce and learn how your organisation can benefit from adopting new technology and software.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to connect with other delegates from the retail sector and learn how others are coping with the challenges and opportunities facing the ecommerce sector. As well as learning how to plan ahead and anticipate how changes in the marketplace will impact on your business.

This Conference is aimed at business professionals, with roles including Head of E-commerce, Managing Director, Sales Managers and Marketing Managers.

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Professor Hasan Al-Saedy (Professor of Cyber Security and Head of Research at British Institute of Technology), Rob Watson (Head of Ecommerce at Hotter), Dave Lawson (Ecommerce Director at,

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