Creative Leadership: Be the sort of leader you would like to follow

Date: 07-Feb-17 to 09-Feb-17
Location: The Larwill Studio / Australia
Category: Education

Join us at a residential workshop from 7 to 9 February 2017.

We developed this workshop based on decades of experience working with creative teams. We ran this workshop in Cambridge UK in 2016 and now we're bringing to to Australia for the first time.

Leading together

We are all leaders. And we are all followers. We are all working this out together. No matter what you do, we’re pretty sure it involves people. People who are allies, people who are not so friendly, people who want something, people who are impatient, people who are supportive, or pushy, or irritated, or clever, or – well, you get the picture.

People are great. And people are challenging. Especially when thrown together as a group. And sometimes we have to lead such groups

You’ll experience a range of approaches, including our signature processes “Action Storming” and “Unhurried Conversations”. You’ll experiment with ideas, with the ways you show up, with how you act, and how you relate to others.

Become the sort of leader you’d feel like following

We see leadership as a facilitative process, enabling others to perform and being artful about our own interventions. Facilitative leadership encourages everyone in the team to contribute and feel that they have influence.

We'll share tips and techniques for getting the most from groups.

We’ll work on having bolder conversations – becoming more comfortable on unknown ground.

We’ll practice techniques for engaging the resistance – confronting and overcoming your most difficult challenges.

We’ll experience and reflect on connecting more deeply - learning how to open ourselves and others to change.

And we'll explore ways to create psychological safety in groups. Researchers at Google highlight this as the number one factor in making teams effective.

We’ll work with you to do this in a safe, experimental place. And then you get to use the best bits in the real world.

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