Addressing The BREXIT Challenge

Date: 03-Mar-17 to 03-Mar-17
Location: Institute of Directors / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Is your business ready for the implications of BREXIT?
Don’t underestimate the implications! To take advantage of the opportunities, mitigate risks, plan for contingencies and stay ahead of the competition you need to ACT NOW!
The ASPIRE Approach to BREXIT will help you to empower your organisation to:

ASSESS your BREXIT implications
SCOPE the response required by your team
PREPARE the plan to investigate and research further
INVESTIGATE and analyse the implications, options and scenarios to be addressed
RECOMMEND the way forward
EXECUTE your BREXIT Programme

The ASPIRE Performance Improvements "Addressing The BREXIT Challenge Workshop" will provide you and your team with a robust standardised engagement approach to practically manage your BREXIT programme over the next 2 - 3 years.
Our workshop will demonstrate how you can use our unique range of diagnostics to empower your organisation to assess the implications of BREXIT from trading, people, process, technology and cultural perspectives. 
The course begins with a brief overview of the EU's influence to date before examining the macroeconomic implications of BREXIT. The course considers the uncertainty around economic, financial, legal, political, trade relations, EU funding, cultural and freedom of movement implications and alternate scenarios to aid your strategic and contingency planning process. We then consider the potential and realised microeconomic impact on your organisations situation. Whether you are a UK, EU organisation or International organisation, BREXIT is and will continue to impact you.
The Aspire engagement approach is designed to be applied across all of your business functions in a standardised, consistent and repeatable manner. Allowing you to manage the BREXIT challenge through a single integrated programme and without having to spend a fortune on expensive external consultancy resources.

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