Meeting the Challenge of Healthy Ageing in the 21st Century

This is the FIRST live streamed only, three day professional conference on Ageing. We have gathered together invited speakers from around the world, who you might not otherwise have access to.
A forum to discuss the biology of ageing and age-related diseases, plus strategies to promote improved health and quality of life in older people.
Event Description: While the world’s population continues to live for longer, the time spent in good health is not always keeping pace. This not only has significant consequences for quality of life in old age, but also places a substantial economic burden on health and social care provision. This multi-disciplinary meeting will bring together scientists and healthcare professionals to discuss recent advances in the understanding of the processes responsible for and associated with ageing, and new approaches to improve the health and quality of life of the ageing population.

We encourage questions, discussion and debate and have a relaxed atmosphere which generates maximum interaction online.

After registration you will be connected to an online networking site where you will be able to have discussions with all participants of this event, before, during and after the meeting.
Who Should Attend: Those with an academic or professional interest in ageing and its research; including research scientists, clinicians, pharmacologists, and those who work in research and development of pharmaceuticals and related technology.






Strategies to promote improved health and quality of life in older people Dr. Tine Rostgaard KORA, Danish Institute for Local and Regional Government Research Denmark How do older people cope with infections and can we do anything to help? Professor Paul Moss University of Birmingham United Kingdom, The ageing lung, frailty and COPD Dr. Lies Lahousse Ghent University Hospital Belgium, Can we distinguish the biology of ageing from age-related disease in humans? Professor James Timmons King's College London United Kingdom, Frailty, inflammatory correlates on neuromuscular and immune systems Professor Roberto Paganelli Università Degli Studi G.D'Annunzio Italy, Synthesis and bioevaluation of Resveralogues: a multidimensional approach to anti-degeneratives Dr. Lizzy Ostler University of Brighton United Kingdom, Potential lifestyle strategies to reduce locomotor impairment during aging: Evidence from longitudinal studies in rats Professor Michael F. Salvatore University of North Texas Health Science Center United States, Genes regulating ageing and the quest for immortality Dr. Joao Pedro De Magalhaes University of Liverpool United Kingdom, How to quantify biological age (in clinical practice)? Professor Andrea Maier The Royal Melbourne Hospital Australia, To be confirmed Dr Irene Maeve Rea Queens University Belfast and Belfast City Hospital United Kingdom, The Decline of Adaptive Homeostasis in Ageing Professor Kelvin J. A. Davies University of Southern California United States, Lifestyle intreventions to prevent Alzheimer's disease Dr Naji Tabet Brighton & Sussex Medical School United Kingdom, Preeclampsia and the risk of cardiovascular disease in later life Dr. Andreas Brueckmann Department Of prenatal diagnosis And preventive medicine Germany, To be confirmed Professor Paul R Gard University of Brighton United Kingdom, Age related cataracts: New tool for early detection and new ways for prevention and treatment Dr. Manuel B. Datiles National Eye Institute, National Institutes of Health United States, Cellular adhesion during cellular senescence and ageing Dr. Ana O'Loghlen Queen Mary University of London United Kingdom, ACAT1/SOAT1 as a therapeutic target for Alzheimer's disease Dr. Ta Yuan Chang Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth United States, Incontinence and Ageing Dr. Eleanor van Den Heuvel Brunel University United Kingdom, To be confirmed Professor Dominique Bron Institut Jules Bordet (ULB) Belgium, , microRNAs and sarcopenia Dr Kasia Whysall Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease University of Liverpool United Kingdom, New technologies applied to the elderly quality of life improvement Dr Denise Paschoal Soares Faculdade de Desporto da Universidade do Porto Portugal, Ageing well: evidence from UK Biobank Professor David Melzer University of Exeter United Kingdom, To be confirmed Dr. Mireya Vilar Compte IBERO Mexico, Ageing and crosslinking in skeletal tissues Professor Helen Birch University College London United Kingdom, Interventions in Accelerated Aging Dr. Morten Scheibye-Knudsen National Institute of Health United States, Chronic respiratory diseases and healthy aging: an epidemiological point of view Dr. Rachel Nadif INSERM France, Dementia, end of life and healthy ageing Professor Carol Brayne University of Cambridge School of Clinical Medicine United Kingdom, Prediction of Mortality in Older People, and Individualized Healthspan-Promoting Interventions Professor Georg Fuellen Rostock University Medical Center Germany, TBC Dr. Amit Arora University Hospitals of North Midlands NHS Trust United Kingdom, The Right Stuff- Optimizing Community Mobility at Midlife and Beyond Maureen C. Ashe The University of British Columbia Canada.

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