Strategic Planning for Ministry, Charities & Social Enterprises

Date: 30-Mar-17 to 30-Mar-17
Location: Stewardship / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

We've seen organisations (including Churches, Charities and Businesses) stagnate or event close down, through lack of organisational structure and planning. No Church, Charity or Social Enterprise can grow without proper structures in place. 
When the Prime Minister or President of the United States refers to 'their Administration', they are not talking about paperwork or an admin office. What they are referring to is the organisation, structure and how it's all planned. It's called Strategic Administration.
Proverbs 29:18 tells us without vision the people will perish...most of the issues around the lack of growth are around poor administrative processes and/or lack of vision or at least the lack of communication of the same. zeal and passion is to see as many Churches, Charities, Social Enterprises grow using the right plans and structures.That's why we are offering this unique workshop which we've received great reviews about in the past.

What Strategic Planning and Administration is and the components needed for success
Team Structure
Governance issues


Church Leaders of ALL Levels
Personal Assistants and Executive Assistants
Heads of Charity
Director of Social Enterprise
Small Businesses

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