Management Strategies for Enterprise Architecture

Date: 30-Nov-17 to 01-Dec-17
Location: etc.Venues Marble Arch / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This intensive two-day seminar and workshop focuses on successful management strategies for Enterprise Architecture. Topics to be discussed include measuring the architectural performance of an enterprise, discovering the often-unstated interpretations of corporate and business strategies, formulating a winning strategy for Enterprise Architecture itself, and executing that strategy every day through each architect’s ‘play-or-pass’ choices. Entirely based on first-hand experiences of Enterprise Architecture in practice, the seminar will help you to:

• Benchmark your management strategy for Enterprise Architecture
• Supplement your EA frameworks, methods and techniques with strategic, political and investment skills
• Explore how you can best maximise EA’s contribution across the enterprise
• Build the reputation of Enterprise Architecture as a strategic capability
• Plan the next stages of your EA journey


Chris Potts

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