Lean Startup Marketing LIVE, San Ramon, CA

Date: 19-Jan-17 to 09-Mar-17
Location: One Eleven One Ninety / United States
Category: Education

Over 90% of startups fail the first year. Want to increase your odds of success? Learn the “RAF” gorilla marketing method (not marketing theory) of realizing your ideas into offerings of value.
You'll “Get Ready” to turn your idea into a product or service using step-by-step process to identify your idea's features and benefits. Next, you'll find target markets, assess competition and define differentiators, then establish profit models for your productized offering.
After Productization, you'll “Take Aim” at your potential audience. You'll learn to develop branding for your offering, including startup and product names, brand identities, and taglines. Lectures drill down into design fundamentals, from color theory to layering; grid-system layout; responsive UI/UX design, including a review of online technology from webhosts to CMS systems. You'll begin a professional quality image library, and learn how to create stunning visual content, websites, targeted videos, landing pages, e-blasts and more at little to no cost. Learn the process of copywriting, and explore the latest content marketing techniques, including SEO/SEM best practices.
Productization and Branding complete, you're ready to “Fire— Launch” your branded offering to your targeted marketplace. Delve deep into product and lean startup launching of websites, print and PPC advertising, email campaigns and social media marketing (SMM) strategies. Print media basics, and soliciting PR are reviewed, as is using analytics to increase ROI. Securing venture capital (VC), or crowd-source funding for your new venture completes the RAF marketing model.
By the last lecture of this course you'll be able to turn virtually any idea into a product or service of value, and sell it directly, or launch your first offering of many as a startup for profit.

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