Advanced Workshop: QPPV Tool Box – Your Key to Success

Date: 27-Feb-17 to 28-Feb-17
Location: Holiday Inn London - Kensington Forum / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This workshop has been designed following your comments from QPPV Forum and will provide QPPVs with the latest global developments in pharmacovigilance and their relevance to your role. It is intended for QPPVs who are already established in their role and would like to learn about new tools and skills being used to demonstrate oversight of the pharmacovigilance system. The workshop is designed to include small group interaction and discussions, led by our expert instructor, and is based on suggestions from the QPPVs themselves. The workshop will enhance your skills in problem solving, design the right thinking strategies and compare solutions with those in similar circumstances.

What you will learn:
- PSMF oversight – how do you demonstrate quality
- Third party management including business partners, vendors and difference business units
- Delivering a successful inspection
- QPPV in the global environment – European and international considerations

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