3rd Annual African Insurance Forum - AIF 2017

Date: 09-Mar-17 to 10-Mar-17
Location: The Maslow Hotel / South Africa
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

The insurance industry is facing an uncertain, unstable and highly complex economic and financial environment compounded by major regulatory and technological changes. At the same time customer expectations are rising year over year. AIF 2017 can help you successfully turn these challenges into new opportunities so you can provide your customers with the right service.
This year’s conference will draw a broad audience of professionals involved in the development, operations, marketing, technology, distribution and administration of life insurance products. Our Speakers are all committed to providing attendees with the very best in research and knowledge that will help guide decision makers toward a more successful future.
Come meet and network with industry leaders who encounter – and –solve the same challenges you see every day. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage, benchmark your strategies, deliver a better customer experience, and so much more!

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