Set Up Your Website and Social Marketing System in 4 Hours

Date: 24-Jan-17 to 24-Jan-17
Location: Mojo Coworking / United States
Category: Education


Because small business owners should be spending their time making sales, building relationships, and creating good systems.  NOT spending countless hours trying to figure out how to market online in a way that generates sales leads 24/7.

What Skills Do I Need to Take the Workshop?
-Drag and drop items on a computer screen
-Type on a keyboard
-Use the Google Chrome web browser
-Use email (preferably Gmail)

I'll Guide You, Step-by-Step, in Making Your Own:

-Informational Website
-Social media pages to send traffic to the site
-Automation tools to generate leads 24/7

- How to set up an informational website that makes it easy for customers to give you their business
- How to set up social media pages that drive FREE traffic to your website, where people can become customers
- How to set up some tools to make the system run smoothly
- What the next steps are to get the most from your website system.

Already have a website?  You can still learn how it ties in with the rest of your internet marketing system.  

Beyond Setting Up a Website, You'll Learn How To:

-Create and link a Facebook Page to your website in a way that generates sales leads.
-Create and link a Twitter Profile to your website in a way that generates sales leads.
-Implement Contact Forms on your website to generate leads in a systematic way.
-Set up automated marketing messages that save you money on paid advertising.
-What type of content to write that will get you FREE quality traffic to your website.
-Use a single piece of content to create marketing messages across multiple platforms.
-Track your results so you can consistently optimize the system.

What Else is Included in the Workshop Price?

-A guide for later reference if you want to make changes to anything
-FREE membership to our upcoming online help community
-FREE basic website hosting for the site you create in the workshop

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