Public Speaking Confidence & Presentation Skills

Date: 04-Feb-17 to 04-Feb-17
Location: Central / Birmingham / United Kingdom
Category: Education

If you have a strong desire to overcome stage fright, deliver high impact presentations that move your audience and convey your ideas more effectively and passionately, this course is just for you...

Delivered by professional speakers who have been there, felt your pain, and will take you right through those barriers - fast.

"From where I started to where I got to at the end of the day were just two different places! I didn't want the day to end" - Franco Sharp

Take the morning the class and conquer fears. Take the full day course and you will be delivering a powerful prepared presentation by the end of the day.

- How to find the courage to speak in public
- How to manage those nerves
- How to get audiences to engage with you and take action 
- To think on your feet and never forget your words 
- Immediate changing techniques to look professional, command respect and heighten your confidence
- 3 Professional Speaking Secrets that instantly transform your delivery

"The most amazing public speaking course... very safe, and just a day! A huge shift. Amazing experience, highly recommended"
- HRH Princess Noor Asem

- Speak clearly and confidently
- Engage your audience and speak without notes
- Plan a great speech that will have impact & shine
- Extend your vocal range and learn how to speak with power and passion
- Deliver a confident prepared presentation to an audience

Our Team

The Public Speaking Academy are award winning professional speakers and coaches to Royalty, CEO's, Politicians, Leaders, Executives and Media personalities. Our unique approach delivers consistently and drives genuine change in 99.8% of course attendees. (our testimonials show it and our 100% money back guarantee proves it! )

“One of the best learning experiences I have had in my life” – Bryony Doran

"It was just amazing!" - Daria Ni

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