Startup Academy - Building Sales for your Start-Up on a Budget: Full Day

Date: 01-Feb-17 to 01-Feb-17
Location: The Hoxton, Holborn / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education

This is a practical, intimate group workshop, not a generic talk . Ensure that you come prepared to become a sales professional and gather the tools and knowledge to grow your business. By the end of the day, we hope that all attendees will have a definitive practical understanding of your sales process. 
Best served with Branding workshop!

An average sales team will set you back, at a minimum £200-250k a year. That includes a good level Sales Director, one Sales Executive and one Account Manager. The issue with all these, even if you had the money, how do you attract a good SD? Why would they come to a risky startup? Even if you didn't have a SD, how do you train or teach the SE an AM? How do you motivate them? What tools do they need to do their job? Why not learn the tools yourself, build revenue, then develop your own style! Upon completion of this intensive one day workshop, you will have the tools and knowledge to make it happen, saving thousands of ££.

What it takes to be a great sales person and get those monies?

I know what you are thinking, “sell me this pen”. Yes 20 years ago it was that easy to sell. However, times have changed and so have the methods of selling. The fundamental process of this great skill, remains the same. As a business owner, if you cannot sell your own product/service, how do you expect others to sell it? If you know your idea is amazing and that’s why you have made so much sacrifice, then you can sell!

Sales: What, when, where, how, what, who, huh???

A standardized sales process steps outlines not only the main sales steps but also the tasks to be accomplished successfully at each stage - which are absolutely necessary for effective sales pipeline management. Leverage these steps in the sales process to increase win probability, influence customer deal size and speed pipeline velocity. 

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