Skills Gap Crisis: Should Business Take the Lead? Lunch Discussion

Date: 17-Jan-17 to 17-Dec-17
Location: Zen China Restaurant / London / United Kingdom
Category: Education Conferences & Trade Fairs

Why do we need to address the skills gap issue?

The skills gap is arguably now deep enough to be considered a crisis. Too many of our young people are leaving education completely unprepared for the world of work, lacking in basic numeracy, literacy and communication skills. Furthermore, the lack of core digital and specific industry skills is a great cause of concern for business leaders.
News coverage constantly brings to mind how deep the crisis is. Consequently, businesses worry about the future of their workforce and how they will provide further training for young people.
Given this situation, should business leaders be stepping up further to drive radical change within the education system?

Join Westminster Business Council, business leaders, policy and education professionals for a lunch discussion on this topic.
Enjoy the very best in fusion food in Central London with unparalleled views of Parliament.

Limited places available.

This event is being sponsored by Pearson Business School

Ben Hughes, Director of Pearson Business School, will be talking about his experience of delivering apprenticeships and degree programmes in partnership with industry, which aim to produce graduates who can hit the workplace ground running when the time comes.

Tickets are £40 and include a 5 course lunch!
Soup: Chinese tradition hot and sour soup with creamy custard bun
Appetizer: Tea Smoked Wild Red Bream top with Caviar, Black bean sauce, baby Arugula salad
Main course: Orange crusted Duck leg on a bed of crispy rice and spinach
Sorbet: White wine poached Pear and white Fungus
Dessert: Chinese style bombolone with Peanut
(Vegetarian Options Available)


Ben Hughes, Pearson Business School

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