The journey of introducing the Maastricht approach

Date: 06-Feb-17 to 06-Feb-17
Location: Collective Purpose / Australia
Category: Education

Matthew Ball Nurse Practitioner Candidate  Southern Adelaide Local Health Network/ HUMANE clinic and Amanda Waegeli - Chairperson of the Australian Hearing Voices Establishment Project  will be in Sydney to talk about the journey of introducing the Maastricht approach in to the clinical setting.
Matt and Amanda are interested to explore how the public mental health system could work with people and their voices from an approach less informed by the dominant discourse of biomedical psychiatry. To this end Matthew  has been using the Maastricht approach in Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) and privately  for the last three years.
This year he arranged for two 2 day workshops for staff in SA HEALTH to facilitate the Maastricht approach - the workshops delivered in Feb and Oct 2016 to 30 clinical staff on each occasions. 

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Amanda Waegeli, Matthew Ball

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