Build An Amazing Website From Scratch- Workshop

Date: 28-Jan-17 to 28-Jan-17
Location: AstroLabs Dubai / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education


This class will cover the basics of building a website, understanding how web servers, front and back end systems interact, how to work with a CMS (content management system, like WordPress) and integrate everything together. This workshop will also serve as basic crash course in web programming (HTML 5, and CSS, with a brief overview of Javascript and other backend technologies).


This class will take place on Saturday January 28th, 2017 from 10am-4pm

10:00 am –> 10:30 am: Understanding Websites: Web Development Versus Web Design.
10:30 am –> 11:30 am: Building off of a CMS – A look at WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla and others. Practical Session: Building A professional grade WordPress eCommerce Site out of the box
11:30 am –> 12:30 pm: Practical Coding Session: Basics of HTML 5 and Front End
12:30 pm –> 1:00 pm: Lunch
1:00 pm –> 2:00 pm: Practical Coding Session: CSS with a focus on responsive design (to have your site look good on all all devices)
2:00 pm –> 2:30 pm: Understanding browser interactions (JavaScript) and the backend (NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP and SQL versus NOSQL databases)
2:30 pm –> 3:45 pm: : Practical coding session: Finalizing our eCommerce site, with implementing / debugging complex front-end site changes and using ready made plugins
3:45 pm -> 4:00pm : Next steps, free resources to learn to code, support groups, and recommended learning paths.


Websites are stil a crucial part of most businesses. Even with the advent of mobile apps, nearly all companies still need to mantain a website presense. The good news is, that things have gotten a lot easier in the last 5 years, and anyone can build an amazing looking site!

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