Protecting the Connected Enterprise

Attending this briefing will show those leading IT for large businesses how to ensure they protect their whole IT estate from a new wave of cyber threats and complex cloud security risks.

It’s clear, that today’s networking environment has changed beyond recognition with more connected operations creating more potential entrance points for security threats.

Organisations are at the risk of losing control and oversight of their IT estate while increasingly leaving the door open for a breach. This means that organisations have to rethink their IT while the complexity of threats and cost of security increases exponentially.

In order to face this increasingly problematical threat landscape it’s crucial to stay one step ahead of the hackers while providing cost effective flexible and reliable protection wherever your business happens. How ready are you to cope with these challenges and deliver truly adaptive network security?

This high-level breakfast briefing will show how security is the keystone to a truly connected enterprise. Discuss the key issues you face as an IT Leader, and learn from those gathered how to deliver your businesses security needs without sacrificing performance.

During the briefing we will discuss key industry challenges around:

- Complexity of security infrastructure and how to simplify it
- How to manage increasing costs of infrastructure security
- Security strategies for a cloud-first enterprise
- Keeping your network secure whilst maintaining a truly connected enterprise.

Who is invited?

- CIO 
- CTO 
- Heads of IT
- IT Director
- Network Director
- Heads of Information security

Cross industry with 500+ employees and a minimum of 5 offices located globally.

This breakfast meeting is brought to you by Business Reporter, in association with Level 3 and is only for senior end users as mentioned above.

Enquires, please contact Lace on 020 8349 6458 or email

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