The Secret Language of Engineers

Date: 21-Jan-17 to 21-Jan-17
Location: City College of San Francisco / San Francisco / United States
Category: Education

You’re surrounded by code - but what do you know about it? This crash course covers what engineers wish non-engineers knew about how coding really works.

The Secret Language of Engineers is a full-day workshop to help you thrive and collaborate with coders in the workplace and beyond. There is tremendous value in being able to communicate effectively with software engineers, but many people assume their language and concepts are inaccessible. This workshop is designed to help you bridge the communication gap. If this first step leads you to discover that you like coding and want to pursue it, the concepts and terminology you learn here will give you a foundation to understand introductory technical material about coding.

Taught by Marcus Phillips, Founder & Chief Academic Officer at Hack Reactor, this workshop is an essential day of learning for project managers, designers, marketers, salespeople or anyone working in tech. Speak with your manager today to get reimbursed for this personal growth event.

Through interactive lectures and exercises you will…

Increase your value and potential by understanding computer software and how it operates

Learn how coding really works and understand key terms and concepts of software development.

Better relate with engineers’ goals & concerns

Find out if recreational or professional coding is for you, and develop the skills to understand technical materials

Build a strong context for further success in leadership, product management, design, marketing, sales, QA and engineering collaboration.

Not only will you leave this event with new skills to excel in the workplace, all attendees will get to take home 90 hours of learn to code material. Grab your early bird tickets today before prices go up on 12/31!

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