EduMind's 6 Week Live Online Classes

Date: 03-Jan-17 to 10-Feb-17
Location: EduMind Inc / Dublin / United States
Category: Education

Doctors lead a busy life sticking to busy schedules all the time. This stops them from aspiring for the USMLE. Being a prestigious and important exam, it is the license that gets doctors to practice in the US. With a live online course available, it is easy to pass the exam.

Join EduMind’s Live online 6 week, Date: Jan 3 - Feb 10 course and benefit. The courseware ensures success. The fee for the six-week course is much less compared to other institutes and training centres and comes with a lot of benefits. The study materials in PDF format will be easy to read and comprehend. Benefits such as NBME and two NBME consultations and e-mail question and answers allow students to learn more and clarify doubts.

Important features
· Study materials are in PDF format
· Two NBME consultations
· Question and answers can be sent through e-mail
· Mobile App for Flashcards
· Students have the right to use the course-recorded lectures for three months
· Right to use pre-course recorded lectures for three months
· Extra benefits like 1 NBME + Consultation, and U World Question Bank
· For those purchasing five one-hour sessions one-on-one tutoring is available at an additional cost.

Course Topics
The live course covers the entire topics that are key to the exam. The study materials are in consonance with the reference materials set by the NBME. The topics covered include: Introduction, Enzymes, Catabolic Pathways, Neuromuscular Physiology, Biostatistics, Pulmonary Physiology and Pathology, Lymphocytes, Leukocytes, Leukemia, and Granulocytes, Anabolic Pathways, Gastrointestinal Physiology and Pathology and Low Energy State. The list here is indicative and not complete.

Instructors and Pass Percentage
Experienced and trained professionals have prepared the courseware. With experts teaching, the result of each aspirant is sure to be outstanding. For more information log on to :

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