Learn to build your own website - Introduction to coding with HTML and CSS

Date: 28-Jan-17 to 28-Jan-17
Location: Milton Keynes Central / United Kingdom
Category: Education

GoHustle powered by Entrepreneurial Spark are proud to present  GoCode Spark- an introductory web development with HTML and CSS.

This is a one day course that teaches you the basics of coding with HTML and CSS. The course is run by a member of the GoCode team with additional mentoring support provided by experienced developers from local businesses. 

GoCode Spark is a great way to dip your toes into coding and see if programming is a good fit for you. It aims to bring you a taste of what it would be like on the full time GoCode programme without making a full commitment.

You will learn the following:

- Introduction to HTML5
- Creating your first website
- Finding errors with a validator
- Line breaks, paragraphs and headings
- Bold, italics and comments
- Lists, links, images videos audio and file paths


- Introduction to CSS3
- Structure and styling
- Colours
- Lists 
- Box model
- Links and images
- Divs and spans
- Classes and ID's
- Float and clear

Do I need any previous knowledge?
This course is intended for complete beginners or coders with limited experience. We're looking for people with a passion to learn.

So do I need anything? 
Just bring your laptop. We have an awesome office space in the heart of MK, which is fully equipped with snacks, unlimited coffee and beanbags. Not to mention, lunch will be provided on the day courtesy of our lovely food partner Peel Juice Bar.

Visit our website for more information.

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