Date: 08-May-17 to 09-May-17
Location: Tryp Barcelona Apolo Hotel / Barcelona / Spain
Category: Technology Engineering Conferences & Trade Fairs

Every day, an individual comes into contact with hundreds, if not thousands, of plastics (most plastics are the polymer) and polymers. The use of polymers in day to day life is indispensable. Hence, we can take chances and boldly claim that we live in a plastic world also known as a Polymer World. Since the discovery of fire, and invention of the first wheel, mankind had never looked back or ever wished to go back to their prehistoric life-style, and this attitude paves the road to innovation and success. And The 2nd World Congress on Polymer Science and Engineering is just a milestone which broadcasts and amasses the breakthroughs in the polymer world under one roof.
Polymer Congress 2017 is specially custom tailored for the esteemed International professionals to enable the universal dissemination and application of research findings related to the field of Polymer Science and Engineering. It is a coveted platform to meet game changers of Material Science Organization, Chemical Engineering Institutions, Biotech organizations, Academic Institutions, Industries, & Environment Related Institutes etc., and making the congress an appropriate platform to share and gain precious knowledge in the domain of polymer science and engineering. This congress is a dais which is formulated to congregate visionaries with their research talks and presentations, enabling the inception of thought inculcating strategies of production and development of advanced polymeric material and furthermore devising of methods for scaling up of production, making the congress a perfect platform to share proficiency and excellence.
Important highlights of the polymer science and engineering conference includes Polymers at a Glance, Polymer Chemistry, Functional Polymers, Green Polymers: Biopolymers & Bio-plastics, Smart Polymers, Polymer Nano-Technology, Forensic Polymer Engineering, Polymer Additives and Re-Enforcements, Engineering Polymers, Production and Commercialization etc


Kurt Kremer, Hassan S Bazzi, Mohammad T Islam

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