GS Power Series Showcasing Today's Asian Business Leaders

Chinese New Year as an opportunity for the Asian community to share with the world its vast contributions: it's a time to demonstrate pride in creativity, respect for its intellectual prowess and a celebration of its cultural identity.
Whether you’re starting you are a university student, recent graduate, own business, searching for the, or looking for developing your career further or transitioning to a new industry. Generation Success Power Series can help get you the clarity you need in achieving your career aspirations. Our Chinese New Year special looks to bring quality inspirational talks lead by highly experienced Asian executives’ and senior professionals in various industries who have thrived against the odds and gone to achieve great things.  
Why Attend?
This is an opportunity to hear from a panel of leading Asian business figures and discover their secrets to success.

If you were ever put off going after your dream job, senior position or starting your own business , please think again.

This event is about breaking all those barriers and providing you with guidance and connections to make it happen.
Speakers Include:

Sally Maier-Yip, Founder & MD, 11K Consulting Ltd 

Heidy Rehman, Founder & MD, Rose & Willard Fashion House

*More speakers soon to be announced*

What You Will Gain:

•Be inspired by the accomplishments by todays leading Asian Business Leaders.

•Gain guidance to exceed your aspirations.

•Learn techniques that you can incorporate into your life, career and business.


Sally Maier-Yip, Heidy Rehman

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