Female Entrepreneurs Supper Club

This supper club is exclusively for women that are about to start or have just started their business.

According to the UK Government, if women set up businesses at the same rate as men, the UK would have an additional one million entrepreneurs. That's a hell of a lot of missing female entrepreneurs!

Join Rowena - part-time chef, full-time entrepreneur - who, from her own short journey of creating the plant-based food and wellness business, 'V-Curious', knows that things can be incredibly difficult and sometimes a little isolating, especially if you're working alone like so many people in business do.


Rowena believes that we are stronger together and she's always benefited meeting with other female entrepreneurs to share ideas and inspirations and the collective desire to help each other succeed.

This is for those aren't really into "networking" - walking into a room, armed with business cards fills Rowena with dread. Over food and sitting with other female entrepreneurs puts a different spin on things.

This supper club brings together women who are out there, working to start and/or grow their business. It's a judgement-free opportunity to share your ideas, inspirations, problems and expand your professional network - all while meeting like-minded entrepreneurs over Rowena's truly delicious food.

Rowena has become renowned for great tasting food and even took the number one spot in the Metro's article for London's meat-free dining scene! Her food is plant-based, so no animal products, super healthy and totally delicious!

Experience includes:
A delicious 3 course plant-based meal
The opportunity to meet like-minded female entrepreneurs
Relaxed environment perfect for support and sharing of ideas and experiences

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