USMLE Step 1 Live Virtual Training by Beckers Healthcare- EduPristine

Date: 25-Jan-17 to 25-Sep-17
Location: online / New York / United States
Category: Education

Becker in association with EduPristine Inc. is coming up with a Live Virtual Training session in USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Examinations.
Becker is one of the most preferred Institutes in USA for USMLE preparation. Some of the most leading USA Medical Universities like Ross Medical and American University of the Caribbean have tied up exclusively with Becker for USMLE exam preparations and have residency success of 91% and 85% candidates respectively.
Please find below the USMLE® career guide and course brochure for your kind reference:
1) Download USMLE Brochure 2) Download USMLE Career Guide
BENEFITS of the Course:
· You can earn at least 5-10 times more than what you would do in your country
· Access to the premier medical system of the world-knowledge
· Apply in countries like UAE, New Zealand, Qatar and Dubai
· More research opportunities in the United States
· Eligibility for residency programs in the USA
· The purpose of the Step 1 exam is to assess whether you understand and can apply the basic sciences to the practice of medicine, with a focus on principles and mechanisms of health, disease and therapeutic interventions in medicine.
· A MBBS student can apply for the Step 1 exam, preferably after their completion of second year of MBBS, as by that time most of the Step 1 topic will be covered in your medical college. The exam can be written on any working day at any of the Prometric centers.
· There are 10 subjects: Anatomy, Neurology, Behavioral Science, Biochemistry, Genetics, Physiology, Microbiology, Immunology, Pharmacology and Pathology.
No. of question - 308*(Divided into 7 blocks of 44 items in each)
Question type - MCQ
Subject - MBBS 1st year and 2nd year
Min Passing Score - 192*
Time - 60 min for each block (8 hours exam with 45 min break)
Learn From the Best Faculty for USMLE:

The Becker’s content is written and reviewed by MDs and PhDs with decades of experience in USMLE

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