CBUIC 2017 Innovations in Science and Education

Date: 22-Mar-17 to 24-Mar-17
Location: Central Bohemia University, Building of Czech Academy of Science / Prague / Czech Republic
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Education Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Engineering Science Conferences & Trade Fairs

This conference is focused on Innovations in Science and Education. We accept topics from following sections: Economics and Business, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and ICT and last but not least is Medicine and Pharmacy. From all our participants we want to submit abstract or article. Submited articles will be publised within abstracting and fulltext services: EBSCO, Google Scholar, DOAJ, CrossRef, Exlibris and others. Proceedings will be sent to Thomson Reuters Conference proceedings citation index. This year we will apply also for Scopus (will take some time). For more detailed information please visit our official website.


Academicians, professors, teachers and research oriented professionals.


Academicians, professors, teachers and research oriented professionals.

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