SHACKLETON’S WAY- Bringing out the best in your team

Date: 12-Apr-17 to 14-Apr-17
Location: Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai / Delhi / India
Category: Education

Sir Ernest Shackleton, the great Antarctic explorer, resonates with executives in today’s business world. His people-centered approach to leadership can be a guide for anyone in a position of authority. Some of today’s leaders are successfully applying Shackleton’s methods to their own work situations and teams.

At the conclusion of this workshop participants will:
• Understand the skills required to keep work teams together
• Appreciate Shackleton's inspirational strategies for leadership
• Gain overall understanding of how a leaders decision making can affect your team
• Understand the value of communication skills in a leadership position
Some possible seminar Goals on Leadership
• Path to Leadership
• Developing a Team into cohesive unit
• Master conflict
• See from different perspectives
• Drive change
• Communicate - reinforce messages
• Bold in Vision - careful in planning
• Instill optimism
• Bringing Diverse Groups Together
• Crisis Management
• Working with Limited Resources, and much more...
So what's the wait about ?? Come and join us for this workshop..
Dates : 12th April New Delhi | 13th April Bangalore | 14th April Mumbai
Follow the link to find out more..
Note : This is a paid workshop. Charges are Rs.18000/- per participant. The early bird rate if you register 1 week prior to the event is Rs.16200/- per participant. Group Discounted rate valid for 4 or more entries amount to be 15750/- per participant.

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