DVC-Business-Network Seminar

Who should join and Why?

-Business Owners, Freelance professionals, Entrepreneurs and Startup founders of any domain looking for a well-organized Business Network system for high-quality Referrals.

-Freelance business development professionals interested to open additional sources of revenue.

-People interested to enhance their business profile by creating joint ventures, new ventures and becoming a trusted vendor for Project YugParivartan. (Project YugParivartan is a grand change project being executed by Defined Values Consultants for social, political, economic and physical reforms in the country based on Eternal Principles).

-Aspiring businessmen/entrepreneurs who want to learn from the real-time experience of how businesses are developed and run.

-Companies wishing to become a member of our group of institutions organized by Self-Actualized leaders and Self-Realized mentors.


Hitesh Chandel, Alok Kumar, Pradeep Malhotra, Sandeep Goswami, Deepak Kumar Singh

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