Team Radio Presenting Experience with ALL FM 96.9

Date: 24-Apr-17 to 30-Nov-17
Location: ALL FM 96.9 / Manchester / United Kingdom
Category: Education

Welcome to the ALL FM 96.9 Radio Experience, a truly unique team building day.

Your team of up to eight delegates will be hosted by a radio industry professional in Manchester for a1, 2 or 5-day workshop where you will learn to plan, produce and present a LIVE 1-hour radio show to the nation!

An excellent opportunity to develop new technical skills and also a chance to refine essential communication techniques in challenging "live" radio conditions!

If you want to take your team on the radio, but can’t make it to our studios, we have a solution! Our radio team will bring the studio to you and you can broadcast live from your business.

It’s a great way to raise brand awareness for your company, and all of the training profits go to supporting ALL FM.

ALL FM is a community radio station that uses radio training as a means to improve the lives of those people and communities in Manchester at greater risk of isolation or exclusion.

Read more about the benefits of our radio training or click here to enquire about booking your team in for the experience.

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