The Beauty that is You: Discover Your Truth

Friends, family, relationships, life experiences all contribute to molding who you are. Shedding the layers that smother your true self is how your purpose is discovered.
So many people live their life unfulfilled not achieving any of their dreams; working jobs that don't challenge them to grow; staying in relationships feeling trapped too afraid to end it.
There are people right now seeking validation from others about a vision God has given them because they're unsure of it.
Well there is a way to live happily on your own terms. A way to mix your passion and work life without it feeling like a job. Having a relationship where you are receiving at the same rate you give is possible.
Seeking validation from others is no longer required because your vision is for you to understand not them. Yes, all these things are possible but you have to Discover Your Truth.
Come learn from your Sister Coach and Co-Founder of A Sister’s Truth, LaKitia Woodard for an unparalleled coaching event geared to bringing out The Beauty that is You.

We’ll have food, fun, laughter, and prizes while building a Sisterhood that empowers and uplifts women.

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