Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional, Lisbon - ILM Cert

Date: 28-Jun-17 to 30-Jun-17
Location: To be announced, Portugal / Lisbon / Portugal
Category: Education

Sustainability Knowledge Group and Sustentare have joined forces to introduce to Portugal the Advanced CSO Professional training! This is a challenging and interactive training for professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and understanding to successfully respond to strategic as well as operational issues. Participants will acquire practical skills and hands-on experience to implement practical solutions across their organisations.

The Advanced Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) Professional is a leading training program that provides a holistic and in-depth analysis of current Sustainability and CSR issues, trends, challenges, standards and strategies. It is an advanced certified training that clarifies concepts and standards, provides methodologies to address, manage and report on Sustainability and CSR and stimulates innovative answers to overcome business uncertainties. Focus will be placed on developing loyal stakeholders, on risks and opportunities for financial and social value creation, on building the business case and obtaining competitive advantage.

Global ILM Recognition
Following your successful completion, you receive the “Advanced CSO (Chief Sustainability Officer) Professional” Certificate which is endorsed by the leading UK Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) verifying your knowledge and successful completion. Additional guidance is provided for the successful completion of your post course assignment.
All Sustainability Knowledge Group training courses are approved by ILM and participants enjoy complementary annual ILM study membership.


Aglaia Ntili

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