Advancing Field Technology 2017

Advancing Field Technology 2017 is returning to Denver to showcase step-by-step processes of how contractors have adopted new tools and simplified processes. Across mobile tools, augmented reality, prefabrication, drones, scheduling, safety, quality control and reporting, you’ll hear honest feedback on which innovations are worth investing in, and which are not.

While technology is the driving force in the industry, this meeting will look beyond the potential of the tools and focus on processes and workflows to actually improve productivity at the job site.


Jason Clay, Jonathan Putman, Barry Harden, Rob Daly, Christina Tetrick, Jonathan Deming, David Stone, William Nitsch, Jason Ranz, Bobby Childers, Shaune Hembrough, Josh Ward, Chris Boal, Hung Nguyen, Joshua Lannen, George Kettlewell, Ryan Lawrence, Alan Todd, Ashley Phelps, Pier Yapur, Cody Covey, Sam Hamilton, Doug Aikens, Jacob Skrobarczyk, Leah Fiore, Cathi Hayes, Zak Podkaminer, Tiffany Lucas, Chad Holbrook, Bernad Gonanto, Adam Bendele, Jason Deans, Jason Steele, Wendell Barnes, Matt Schneck, Somayeh Asadi, Walid Thabet, Dan Miller

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