Advancing Computational Building Design 2017

It’s now unanimously agreed that computation and automation will play a strong role in the future of architecture. However, all project partners must understand how to actually implement computation on their projects and truly maximize the ROI for themselves and their clients.

Advancing Computational Building Design 2017 will show how to set up a computation team, train non-technical staff, integrate with the traditional design workflow, gain buy-in and focus on delivering the measurable time, cost and quality improvements to projects.

You’ll walk away with step-by-step guidance on how to best use computational design on your projects and ensure you don’t get left behind as computation becomes a core element of building design.


Jorge Barrero, Jonathan Bartling, Zigmund Rubel, Ryan Cameron, Jason Smith, Caleb Wild, Erik Hanson, Lincoln Wood, Dave Namaky, Phil Kolbo, Kyle Martin, Jeremy Luebker, Zach Soflin, Timothy Halvorson, Matthew Winkelstein, Nathaniel Zuelzke, Sean Carter, Alexander Webb

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