AI Pharma

The inaugural AI Pharma Innovation Summit 2017 is the first industry specific conference committed to helping large pharma, biotech, leading research institutes and technology pioneers overcome key challenges in the adoption and application of AI along the R&D pipeline to optimize the discovery and development of novel therapies with better outcomes, faster and cheaper.


Ron Alfa, Ryad Ali, Brandon Allgood, David Christie, Giancarlo Crocetti, Shaun Comfort, Jun Dong, Mark Gerstein, Chih-Ming Ho, Shahar Keinan, Guido Lanza, Ray Liu, Armaghan Naik, Kaushik Raha, Jason Raines, Leonardo Rodrigues, Ranga Sarangarajan, Jeremy Sohn, Ian Smith, Zeeshan Syed, Alex Zhavoronkov

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