The Hard Skills of Leadership - Buffalo - Two Day Event

Date: 12-Sep-17 to 13-Sep-17
Location: Buffalo / Buffalo / United States
Category: Education

This 2-day course takes a different approach, focusing exclusively on hard skills that will improve the manager’s workday and the effectiveness of the team they supervise, with skills they can implement the next day after class. No matter where a task comes from, managers will understand how to track it and accomplish it; no matter how much email arrives in their box, students will know what to do with it. And students will learn the basic tools to manage their teams and forums they can implement to drive real-time coordination and communication among team members without resorting to email or hours of meetings.

The Purpose of Leadership
Improving Your Leadership Ability
Organizing Yourself
Organizing Your Team
Continuous Learning to Hone Your Edge


Patrick Heusted

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