India IT & Security Tech Expo

Date: 15-Sep-17 to 17-Sep-17
Location: Gujarat University Convention Centre / Ahmedabad / India
Category: Conferences & Trade Fairs

The Indian mobile industry is the fastest growing in the world and India continues to add more mobile connections every month than any other country in the world. The current Government policy of all out digitization and the telecom boom in the country provide great opportunity to handset manufacturers and the hottest segment for these manufacturers is the entry-level segment. The last few years saw India adding many firsts to its list of achievements. Some of these include lowest call rates, the fastest growth in the number of subscribers, fastest sale of a million mobile phones and the world's cheapest mobile handset. Now today Customer is king and they should be in focus coupled with traders, distributors, and suppliers of other peripherals including Computer and IT related items.

This provides a platform for IT Software, hardware and service solutions. It seeks to meet the objectives of generating sustainable growth for the IT sector and create new business and networking opportunities. It provides ample emphasis on IT, Cloud Computing, IT Infrastructure and also connects Web and Mobile solutions. The combination of IT and Mobile has changed the way people approach work and is making improvement in the way business operations work.

In this co-currant event, we are planning to accommodate Over 200 companies/exhibitors to display their products of Mobile and IT industry and Security Products. The Three Days event anticipates giving benefit to more than 20,000 trade visitors from different states of the country at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

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