iSQI ® CAE - Certified Agile Essentials

Date: 01-Aug-17 to 02-Aug-17
Location: Dubai / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education

Course Overview
Certified Agile Essentials provides an overview of the agile activities, building on a basic understanding, reinforced through a heavy emphasis on discussion and practical application.
This international certification course is of value to the whole project team, covering the essential aspects of working in an Agile environment. It provides practical examples and exercises that enable key Agile concepts to be translated into your day-to-day role.
Certified Agile Essentials is a great course for teams transitioning to Agile or to individuals wanting to become familiar with Agile team work. That includes developers, business analysts and software testers. Additionally, senior project personnel such as project managers and IT directors will benefit from this course, gaining a solid grounding in Agile techniques. For Agile testers, this course can act as a stepping stone towards advanced qualifications – the Certified Agile Tester and specialist modules. Build confidence in Agile and demonstrate best practice Agile methods that can be applied in your Agile project work.

Course details
Upgrade your Agile skills to secure your position in the industry with this highly respected course and certification. This 2 day course covers the essential aspects of scrum methodology when working in an Agile team.  Providing practical examples and exercises focusing on scrum principles ensuring the key concepts are translated into your day-to-day role.
With more and more job ads requesting Agile experience and an understanding of Agile methodology and practices, earning this internationally recognized certificate from iSQI® will give you the competitive edge for jobs in the industry. The course can also be a stepping stone towards obtaining the iSQI® Certified Agile Tester qualification.
Created due to popular demand, this two day course caters to a wide audience, giving candidates a solid understanding of roles, processes and techniques used in Agile project.

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