Product Delivery Planning Workshop

Date: 31-Dec-17 to 31-Dec-17
Location: Dubai / Dubai / United Arab Emirates
Category: Education

This workshop is unique. There is hardly a thing in the workshop that Jeff Sutherland or others do not recommend. For Enterprise that wants to launch their first agile project, this workshop invite you to realize a serial of workshops and actions for coordinating your product. During workshop, you will focus on:
       Defining the success and satisfaction conditions
       Elaborating the Vision
       Collaborating with Stakeholders and realizing the first consensus
       Defining the Business Value
       Prioritizing requirements in respect of the Strategy
       Obtaining a serial of advices about your next steps
Purpose: We want you to have significantly better results from Lean, Agile and Scrum, in terms of more fun, more Velocity (productivity) and more Business Value. We use many ideas to help you make this significant paradigm shift.  
In this case, after giving some introductory ideas, we have each table (usually four to five people) work as a Team on the real work of the Product Owner (one person at the table chosen to be PO). That person acts as Product Owner for the day, and the Team builds out the Agile Release Plan for the next three months of that work. So, we are using the agile ideas on real work, and each table is different.  
Ravneet Kaur will lead this course. Ravneet is an experienced Agile Coach and trainer.
This workshop covers Product Delivery Planning, Delivery Plan Refactoring (a.k.a. Product Backlog grooming or Product Backlog refinement) and the shift from initial planning into starting the first Sprint.  
Participants Will Learn: 
       To plan, initiate and lead a Scrum project 
       To establish a shared vision for the entire team 
       To generate an Delivery Plan utilizing user stories and story point estimation 
       To identify and address Business Value 
       To estimate effort using story points 
       To do cost-benefit analysis at the story level 
       To consider Risks, Dependencies, Learni

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