Undercover London: A Real-World Spy Game

Before the internet, spies traded secrets with carefully orchestrated handovers, whispered messages and hidden 'dead drops'. You'll jump into that world for two hours, evading undercover surveillance to carry out a series of missions in the heart of the city.

This is a battle of wits. You'll be head-to-head against rival spies, and your choices, your mistakes, and your moments of brilliance will have real impact. If you've ever wondered if you could make it as a real covert operative.. now's your chance to find out.

Games last for 2.5 hours, starting at 1:30.

Play as a solo agent, as a team of two or three

Children are welcome but must be accompanied at all times by an adult.

Experience includes:
Amazing experience to be a spy for a day
Competitive game
Meet new people or bond with friends...

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