Managing Power & Politics in Projects™

Date: 19-Jul-17 to 21-Jul-17
Location: Holiday Inn Atrium, Singapore / Singapore / Singapore
Category: Education

This is the exclusive BY-INVITATION-ONLY event. Please contact us at to see if you have necessary experience and qualification to attend this event.
Every project has its share of political drama: Personalities clash, Agendas compete. Turf wars erupt! But you need to work productively with your project stakeholders - even difficult ones - for the good of your projects and your career. How can you do that without compromising your personal values?
Can you "advance your career, stand out as a leader, and liking your life", all at the same time... or it's just a dream....?

Highly successful project managers are excellent at dealing with power & politics in projects to manage various stakeholders with differing interests, goals, motivations, and agendas.   
Learn this essential competency that every project manager must have to achieve remarkable project outcomes and attain career success!
8 Key Benefits

Learn three secrets to advance your career, stand out as a leader, and liking your life all at the same time!

Build power and influence to get things done effectively and join the rank of Alpha Project Managers!

Learn 9 power tactics to manage and influence anyone

Develop practical strategies to manage power & politics in projects and attain stakeholders’ cooperation

Establish productive multi-directional relationships with various project stakeholders

Learn negotiation & conflict resolution techniques to achieve win-win outcome

Assess your current political skill level and build an action plan to increase it for your career success

Handle politically difficult situations effectively to take control of your projects and take your career to new height

Who should Attend
Project Sponsors, Project Directors, Program Managers, PMO Directors, PMO Managers, Project Managers a


Naing Moe Aung, PMP, M. Eng.

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