11th Talent Trends Seminar

Date: 18-Oct-17 to 19-Oct-17
Location: HOTEL HUSA PRESIDENT PARK / Brussels / Belgium
Category: Banking, Finance & Investment Conferences & Trade Fairs

The New Way of Working has established itself by enhancing Autonomy, Accountability, Flexibility, Customised digital technology, Agility,...
We're seeing organisations re-designing traditional practices; ditching performance reviews; the rise of innovative start-ups challenging the status-quo, millennials getting older; having to answer questions such as 'does HR have a future?' and obviously the new disruptive technologies turning things upside down.
While it's impossible to predict the exact future of technological advancements within HR, we can safely assume that things will become more automated as time goes on.
Agile organisations, rather than being reactionary, are able to exploit the benefits of a changing corporate environment. Faced with extraordinary challenges as well as massive growth opportunities, only companies that can act rapidly and successfully adapt to the new reality will survive.
In order to prove its relevance, HR has a key role to play in designing Agile organisations and leading in the adoption of new ways of working.
During these two days, we will hear from a number of innovative corporate thinkers and practitioners who acknowledged that they have a responsibilty in influencing and shaping the Future of Work.

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